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Design Specs

Design Specs

Design File Requirements

For fast and efficient production of your project, it's very important to make sure your design files are meeting current printing requirements. Here is a simple checklist to help you verify the major items your design should address for a high-quality printed product.

  • Preferred file type: We recommend saving as a .PDF
    You may also send the file in the following types: jpg, jpeg, psd, tif, tiff, eps, ai, and png

    We prefer that you send .PDF and .EPS files with outlined fonts. These files are easier to handle and will likely speed up your turn-around. Remember to add crop marks and flatten your files before uploading.

  • Bleed and Crop Marks:

    Bleed must extend further than the cut line. Using one of our Templates can help you visualize this. Please keep all text and anything you do not want cut at least .125" away from the cut line.

    When sending an .eps or .pdf, make sure you include crop marks so we can cut the job correctly.

    Click here to go to our production templates.


  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Size:Design to finished size
    • Bleed: 1/8"
    • Safety: 1/8"
  • Color: CMYK
  • Blacks: One-color black for text under 16 pt. Rich black for text over 16 pt (no dense color combinations)
  • Fonts: Convert to paths, objects, outlines, curves or rasterized text if you are using live fonts
  • File names: Include your order number or job name in the name of your files
  • Please review all images in your document before you send it to us for print.

You can also use our design templates to help ensure compliance with size, bleed, safety and similar structural specifications.

For more information on design requirements, please call EZ-Ink Printing at (949) 436-5959